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charlie cat – Robert Görl

for all those cats who stayed up all night for Nuit Blanche night time is the only time for alley cats like me…. and yes, that  is Annie Lennox on vocal. r-r-r-r-rraow! Charlie Cat

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human book – kevin healey

For all those who’ve been encouraging me to write a book: I didn’t -at least not yet – but I did become a book… Saturday 20th Oct 2012 Kevin Healey will be on the shelf at the North York branch of Toronto … Continue reading

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Build a fire – Lamb

Build a fire  – Lamb Where is my heart What took it away from me Right from the start Thought it was mine to keep Where are the days Where dreams came so easily Thought they would stay Thought they … Continue reading

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What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe: Ben Goldacre

You saw an extract from his book the other day, here he is at TED, Ben Goldacre on how the system that is the very basis of “evidence medicine” is a load of bollocks [my paraphrasing] concealling a systemmatic flaw … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia – is one hundred years enough? Robin Murray

Sir Robin Murray is a Psychiatrist and one of the world’s leading researchers into what Psychiatry  has, for the last 100 years, called “schizophrenia”. He spoke last week at the World Hearing Voices Congress, held in Cardiff [that’s the capital city … Continue reading

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Pow Wow – Sat 29th Sep 2012

Pow Wow Dufferin Grove Park |Toronto Sat 29 Sep sunrise to sundown Unity of All Nations Native Child and Family services Toronto

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Beyond The Brain – Tania Lurhman

Article by Tania Marie Luhrman from The Wilson Quartery Summer 2012 Lurhmann surveys the shapeshifting landscape that is our understanding of “schizophrenia”: from the rise to hegemony and the current Icarus-like fall from the sun of  the bio-bio-bio science-fraud/ shadenfreude; through people-based movements like … Continue reading

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The Drugs Don’t Work – Ben Goldacre

From the guardian, a lengthy extract from a new book by Ben Goldacre, published today in the UK. Goldacre is one of the growing number of Doctors who have woken from the pharma/doubleblind/”evidence” -induced hypnosis that has taken hold of … Continue reading

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One of a Million – Campaign

Do you care about human rights? Do you believe that a person’s story is more important than the psychiatric label that they’re given? Do you think people who hear distressing voices or see visions should have the opportunity to make … Continue reading

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label your own ass – not mine

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