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Bingo! part 2. Psychosis: Six Steps rule out medical causes in kids

Part two in a series, sharing information you can use to empower yourself when dealing with health professionals who seem more interested in the speed of their diagnosis than on figuring out what’s really going on, today a differential diagnosis algorithm devised … Continue reading

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Bingo! – Differential Diagnosis of Psychotic Symptoms

If you’ve ever watched an episode of House, then you’ve seen how a differential diagnosis works. Patient turns up with mystery illness and doctors play guess my diagnosis – guessing wrong many times and much strutting is strutted before the … Continue reading

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Unlikely friends take documentary look at mental illness – Mars Project

 Article in Toronto Star 19 Jan 2013 telling the story of friends Jonathan Balazs and Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart and the film they have been making together that tells of  Khari’s story, and how his encounters with the mental health system have … Continue reading

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stuff is messed up – the offspring

caution the actual lyrics are not quite so polite, they might be a bit too much in yer face. Now I don’t know, and it’s hard to explain But it seems like things are just kind of insane Because the … Continue reading

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One-moment meditation

There’s a lot of stuff around about meditation some great, some good and some just guff – many folks will tell you “you gotta do this, that” “not do this, not do that” you gota sit like this, breathe like … Continue reading

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C/S Timebank Toronto

We are happy to support and to help the world learn about Consumer Survivor Timebank Toronto. Here is ther notice about information sessions you can attend to find out more. Space is limited, see how to register for the info events … Continue reading

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Grief and anxiety are not mental illnesses

Are we, as a society, already scared of our own emotions?  and more especially the emotions of others?  It often seems that there are signs everywhere that  this is so: and that it really ain’t working out too well for us, and less … Continue reading

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the kids aren’t alright – the offspring

Chances thrown Nothing’s free Longing for what used to be Still it’s hard Hard to see Fragile lives, shattered dreams   The Kids aren’t alright – The Offspring When we were young the future was so bright The old neighborhood … Continue reading

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Slippery People – Talking Heads

“What about the time? You were rollin’ over Fall on your face You must be having fun Walk lightly! Think of a time. You’d best believe This thing is real” . Slippery People – Talking Heads What about the time? … Continue reading

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born to learn – adolescence is not a mental disorder

How did we come to see adolescence as a problem? Worse yet, how did we come to accept some dodgy doctor’s treament of adolescence as some kind of diagnosable mental illness? and one that is best dealt with by administering … Continue reading

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