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There is no should – Yoda

   Okay, so Yoda may not have said it exactly like this in the movie but if humans can hear voices then a voice can hear little green fella, Guiness, or no Guiness.  Next time you find yersel surrounded by … Continue reading

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homelands – Nitin Sawhney

Indian Part : Vocal percussion Calo language (gipsies language) Part : Ya no malmite nadi Second Indian part : Sa da pa ma pa da Ga ma pa ma pa da Ga pa ma sa ni ni ( indian musical … Continue reading

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I’m an alien – Rebel Diaz

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stranger than we can think – Heisenberg

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Whip It – Devo

No one gets away until they whip it I say whip it whip it good Crack that whip Give the past the slip Step on a crack Break your momma’s back When a problem comes along You must whip it Before … Continue reading

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pop musik – M

Shoobie doobie do wop It’s all around you Pop pop shoo wop Gonna surround you Shoobie doobie do wop It’s all around Pop pop shoo wop Get up… Get down… Radio, video Boogie with a suitcase Your livin’ in a … Continue reading

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Thank You – Alanis Morisette

Thank you India Thank you terror Thank you disillusionment Thank you frailty Thank you consequence Thank you thank you silence how ’bout them transparent dangling carrots How bout getting off all these antibiotics How bout stopping eating when I’m full … Continue reading

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CRAAZY – Rebel Diaz, ft C-Ray Walz

listen herewe done preachin to the choirwe stayed on the block took the neighborhood higheri guess i just listen to the little voice speakinthe one that saidneva deny what u seekinthat made me a believerque todo es possiblemi flow como … Continue reading

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escaping the asylum mentality – Rufus May

In an article in Occupied Times Rufus May announces his plans to leave the NHS [National Health Service] in  UK where he attempted, for  eighteen years working as a clinical psychologist to bring change to services from the inside – … Continue reading

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diagnose this…..

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