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Non-profits have a charter to be innovators

Today’s post from Seth Godin… sounds like a call to action. Seth Godin: Non-profits have a charter to be innovators The biggest, best-funded non profits have an obligation to be leaders in innovation, but sometimes they hesitate. One reason: … Continue reading

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Seeing Sound, Tasting Color: Synesthesia – David Eagleman

David Eaglemann is a neuroscietist who studies perception – how we percieve the world. Here he is on bigthink on synesthesia -mixing of senses. “a very good inroad into understanding how different brains percieve the world differently”   Published on … Continue reading

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The Myth of Schizophrenia as a Progressive Brain Disease

An important article by some of the world’s most prominent researchers into what psychiatry calls “schizophrenia” and published in The Schizophrenia Bulletin. The article examines evidence from a number of perspectives and concludes that… The condition psychiatry calls “schizophrenia”: is … Continue reading

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Gabor Maté – The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

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Thank God For That -Hugh McLeod

 I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The world will always, ALWAYS conspire to make you less than you are. Even the well-intentioned parts of it. The question is, do you let it? Decide. ________________________________________

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I don’t wanna grow up – Tom Waits [and The Ramones]

I don’t wanna grow up written by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan When I’m lyin’ in my bed at night I don’t wanna grow up Nothing ever seems to turn out right I don’t wanna grow up How do you … Continue reading

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replace fear of the unknown with curiosity


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Brain Power: from neurons to networks

Your brain is constantly changing, adapting to whatever happens around it. Everything you experience makes connections in your brain, reinforcing existing pathways or making new ones. Like a newly trodden path agross a grassy field those new neural pathways  become stronger when … Continue reading

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a useful diagnosis…

Being labelled “mentally ill”  and receiving a diagnosis from the big book of mental illnesses  can be disabling. It can also be quite useful – as Barrie discovered. Join Barrie Wylie cocking a snoot, tipping his hat,  standing proud and generally choosing … Continue reading

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Are you suffering from EDHD?

Like HUAD, EDHD most commonly afflicts doctors who call themselves Psychiatrist but limit their practise psychopharmatherapy – choosing diagnoses out out of a big book and prescribing drugs. Usually comorbid, the two disorders may not leave the person themselves feeling ill but often … Continue reading

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