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The Need for Authenticity – Gabor Mate

Gabor Mate on the need for authenticity…… Expanding on some ideas from his book “When The Body Says No” Ideas like.. anger which is about protecting what is valuable, yet is regarded as “negative emotion” and suppressed, and that energy … Continue reading

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we can’t separate

If we want to understand what leads to people becoming ill, and how better to help them heal, then  “we can’t separate the brain from the body and we can’t separate the person from their environment”. Western allopathic medicine is … Continue reading

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the genetics myth – from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

This is an extended [14min] clip from the excellent movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward by Peter Joseph . It includes interviews with people you’ll recognize here – Gabor Maté and Robert Sapolski – plus a couple of new ones Richard Wilkinson and … Continue reading

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Gabor Maté – The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

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Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders

Article from Pediatrics – the official journal of the American Academy of Paediatricians on the link between harsh punishment of children and “mental disorders”. “…harsh physical punishment independent of child maltreatment is related to mental disorders” Adds more to the evidence … Continue reading

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parental stress and it’s impact on kids – Gabor Mate

Canadian doctor and author  Gabor Mate on how stress experienced by parents impacts on children’s brain, emotional development and learning and biology – and how that comes to impact in later life on all areas of health and wellness. Short … Continue reading

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Jungle Prescription – encore

Here’s a welcome repeat showing by CBC of Jungle Medicine – the episode of The Nature Of Things With David Suzuki about Dr Gabor Mate and Ayahuasca. Thursday June 28th at 8pm Thursday July 5th at 8pm …set your recorders. or … Continue reading

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Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Educational Paradigms

Saturday morning cartoon series…. “There are two types of people in the world: those who divide the population of the world into two types, and those who don’t” You might notice that Sir Ken Robinson’s work occupies a  similar field of ideas … Continue reading

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Dr Gabor Mate- the Hidden Costs of Stress on Health

Interview on TVO – Alan Gregg talks with Dr Gabor Maté talking about his book… When the Body Says No – the cost of hidden stress He talks about about the stress-emotion connection and the stress- immune connection – how our immune system … Continue reading

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Dr Gabor Mate – coming to Toronto – Apr 2012

Dr Gabor Mate – coming to Toronto Please note this page is for the 2012 conference…  for 2013 CDCC click here Child Development and Community Conference (CDCC) Toronto on April 13 and 14, 2012. Regulars here will by now have noticed … Continue reading

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