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occupy APA

Psychiatrists the world over await with enough symptoms to draw the attention of a prescription pad- toting colleague to find out which of their favourite diagnoses have made it through the final voting stages to get into the new version of their  Diagnostic “handbook” … Continue reading

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Rewilding Our Children : George Monbiot

occupy hope – 2011 (Photo credit: Adam_T4) George Monbiot is a writer – he writes a regulat column at The Guardian [UK]. In this piece he’s addressing thoughts to his baby daughter connecting ideas about parenthood, childhood , denuding and … Continue reading

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off label : hot docs

Thanks to my friend S who found this one. “Doctors today are liberally writing prescriptions for psychotropic drugs such as Aderall, Ambien, Zoloft, Paxil, Seroquil, Prozac, Wellbutrin and Effexor, to name but a few. Often these drugs are combined in … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia: A Recovery – Jonathan Benjamin

Jonathan Benjamin describes his experience falling into mental illness, with depression,  hearing voices, thinking he was being visited by an angel then possessed by a devil, of self-harming, diagnosis, diagnoses, feeling numbed by medications; hopelessness; suicide – arrest, being sectioned and psychiatric discharge. He … Continue reading

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11% of drugs prescribed for off-label use

Report on Reuters Medical News Service A study at McGill University finds that 11% of medications prescribed by Doctors in one Canadian province are prescribed for uses for which they have not been approved as safe – and that for 80% of those … Continue reading

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Anti-depressants doing more harm than good: Study

Article in NY Daily News about a report (another one) from a study at a Canadian University – McMasters – that says that not only do SSRIs – or as the marketers like us to call them “atypical antidepressants” [lest we  confuse … Continue reading

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Childhood Sexual Abuse May Be Important Cause Of Schizophrenia, UK

More research adding to the body of evidence showing the connection between difficult life experiences and “mental illness”.   This one focusses on the connection between child abuse and what gets diagnosed as “schizophrenia”. There is now a lot of evidence like this and not … Continue reading

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Pat Deegan – people are punished for going back to work

Short clip [3mins] from a talk by Pat Deegan “As a person begins to find the energy to say: how can I begin to get back in my life again?”‘ …that’s where we need to eliminate social barriers because this … Continue reading

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Antidepressants exposed

Dr David Healy Related articles More from David Healy ( Publication Bias in Antidepressants for Autism Literature (

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TVO – Mental Health Matters – Studio Audience

TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin has been running a series Mental Health Matters – we’ve been featuring episodes here… The series culminates in a week-long special in May and you can register and be in the studio yourself on Sunday … Continue reading

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