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How we can bring about mental health support to refugees – Essam Daod-

Essam Daod shares a story of  one way we can bring brief, important support to refugees at critical times. And also offers us a window of insight into how any of us might support any other of us  midst potentially … Continue reading

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Grounding Trauma Conference 2018 : Challenging Paradigms. 17th, 18th April 2018

Very pleased to have been invited to co-present with Jennifer Wynne a the CAST Grounding Trauma Conference 2018. Neither trauma nor difficult experiences that called names like “psychosis” are as mysterious or hard to understand as many experts would have … Continue reading

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Listening as Healing – Margaret Wheatley

This one of my favourite articles, one of those I try to make a point of reading again every now and then. Margaret Wheatley on listening- such a simple act, an act of generosity. Listening is healing for both the … Continue reading

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Psychiatry’s Identity Crisis ?

Op-Ed piece in New York Times by Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Richard A. Friedman on the limitations of his own profession’s claims to being the world’s foremost authority and body of knowledge  but yet limits its own understanding of the struggles … Continue reading

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The doctor who gave up drugs

What in the west we call “medicine” is not the only medicine:  there are many ways of practising medicine, some of which are more common and have been around for far longer than western “civilisation”.  Indeed if you take a … Continue reading

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Disempowered and disconnected

The core experience of trauma is feeling disconnected and disempowered.
Ironic then, that so often our approach to mental health and the systems we build leave people feeling disconnected and disempowered. Continue reading

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likely the effects of a particularly powerful psychological trauma…

“may well be the effects of  particularly powerful psychological trauma” These are the words of Eugene Bleuler when he first coined the term “schizophrenia” as a way of naming and understanding what he had been observing in patients in his … Continue reading

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A long, complex and stubborn history with trauma

Bessel van der Kolk  at bigthink.org offers  a potted history of psychiatry and society’s difficult relationship with trauma. Psychiatry started as study of what were then deemed bizarre behaviours, but discovered they were understandable when considered in context with extraordinary … Continue reading

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listening is such a simple act…

Listening is such a simple act.
Margaret Wheatley Continue reading

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when we stop telling others what they need…

When we stop telling others what they need we might just create the space they need to speak for themselves.

We don’t need to be smart, clever or all knowing: we just need be willing to listen. Continue reading

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