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blessings from schizophrenia

Thanks to Bruce for finding this one. A short essay published in Globe and Mail Life Section by Anne Aspler Anne Aspler talks of her own experience growing up with a mother living with a diagnosis of schizoprenia – She tells of … Continue reading

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Open Letter to DSM 5

Online open letter / petition to the DSM 5 committee from the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. Co-signatories include many organisations from around the world. The DSM – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders, … Continue reading

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Generation Rx

– the use and abuse of prescription pain medication source: wikipedia commons Special town hall edition of the very excellent White Coat Black Art CBC radio show with Dr Brian Goldman: and recorded at Brockville Collegiate Institute in Brockville. According to … Continue reading

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who funds the biggest project ever to house the homeless?

Answer: Stephen Harper …maybe he got a visit from Jacob Marley? and anyhoo, the money comes from Canadian’s taxes. Home Seriously, articles in Toronto Star and on CTV and CBC about the “At Home” programme intitated by the Canadian Mental Health … Continue reading

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$30m-Rewiring The Brain

Dr Catherine Zahn President, CEO of CAMH and  Professor, Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto. Interview with Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda. 9 sep 2011 Selected excerpts: [link  to the podcast at the  end] Understanding what leads to mental … Continue reading

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Paddy McGowan: Recovery – time for a change

Recovery- time for a change Guest Post by Paddy McGowan Dec 2011 When I first got involved in the struggle with and in, the survivor movement we were very clear I think about the problem. The problem was what brought … Continue reading

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Jonah Mowry:”What’s going on..”

a friend in recovery found this at… Jonah Mowry Remarkable Jonah Mowry shares the pain he feels after years of being bullied for being percieved as different. He doesn’t speak – he holds up hand written notes for us to read- but … Continue reading

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Forty is Too Young To Die

A call for action  from Toronto’s Early-Onset Illness and Mortality Working Group             extract… Introduction “What use is funding for seniors when our tenants die before their 65th birthday?” – Housing Support Worker  For Mainstay … Continue reading

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Trialogue: community dialogue on mental health

When I first heard the term “Trialogue”–   I was at the same time puzzled : why would anyone want a dialogue with only three perspectives? and intrigued : sounds interesting, something like  the dialogues that  I was familiar with and witnessed … Continue reading

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out of the abyss and embracing life

Feature in Toronto Star by Leslie Scrivener “young people” tell of their own experiences to Leslie Scrivener. on the front and centre pages of today’s Sunday Star print edition . Kristen Bellows on learning to see the person in the mirror … Continue reading

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