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I will not obey the voices in my head – Bart Simpson

From: Behind the Laughter Season 11, Episode 22   Jean Paul Sartre said it, here we have that other great existentialist Bart Simpson saying it in chalk. Just because a voice says tells me something -do I have to believe? … Continue reading

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voices inside my head – Sting and 400,000 people, Warsaw

Sting in Warsaw Leading a sing-a-long of “Voices inside my head” There are not many words- ten- so please ,join in too. Chemical imbalance my ass indeed.

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my own little world – mocean worker

go! MOWO!

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born to be wild

“all we represent to them is someone who needs a haircut” “all we represent to them is freedom” what the hell’s wong with freedom? it’s what its all about. “

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Not Anytime Soon – Linda Chamberlain

Linda Chamberain is one of those people you remember meeting, and someone you never forget. I first met her on a WRAP facilitator course. Now there’s a book so the world can get to know something of her story and her … Continue reading

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De Doo Doo Doo Dah Dah Dah Dah Disorder

Doo-doo-doo-doo Doo-dah-dah-dah Disorder This one did not make it past all the committees and golf games into the new and, we predict, the very last edition of the big book of mental disorders out this week. A secret source informs … Continue reading

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Descent of Species – David Eaglemann

Human history is filled with examples of institutions built upon a faulty premise of how the world is, how it exists to serve us. It can seems that human’s favourite way of dealing with uncertainty is to build up an … Continue reading

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walking in the sky – bonobo

Walking In The Sky – Bonobo featuring Baijka They walk in the sky So near and so high They’re stopping for none And when the day’s done They agree that the sea Is the best place to be Wondrously free … Continue reading

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everything you do is a balloon – boards of Canada

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If I hear the voice of an angel – Jean Paul Sartre

On 28th October 1945, Jean Paul Sartre gave an important lecture titled: Existentialism is a Humanism. He included a passage about a woman who heard a voice she interpreted as the voice of God. If a voice speaks to me it is I … Continue reading

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