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we have nothing to be ashamed of

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be fabulous all day

So here’s, probably, the bestest baddest example I’ve seen in five years of a daily maintenance plan as it’s sometimes called… Or if you can’t stop yourself talking like a behaviourist-pidgeon fancier “activities of daily living”. Whatever you call it, if … Continue reading

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ordinary joe – Terry Callier

I’ve seen a sparrow get high and waste his time in the sky Don’t you know, he thinks it’s easy to fly, he’s a little bit freer than I. . . For my openin’ line I might try to indicate … Continue reading

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chick a boom – mocean worker

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rock n roll high school – The Ramones

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Mama we’er all crazee now

Dateline 1972 The Slade: Don Powell, Jim Lea, Dave Hill,  and Noddy Holder . Two score plus one more years ago these fine gentlemen from The Black Country  like,   TOTALLY  predicted the contents of DSM5 and, unwittingly, also gave the American Pyschiatric Association their strategy … Continue reading

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less c, more t

Here’s a simple notion that I think, comes from Dr Daniel Seigel: certainly I’ve heard him speak of “switch out the c“. Now, its likely not going to be easy – you probably won’t just stop meds one day and … Continue reading

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the six blind men and the elephant

The blind men and the elephant is an ancient folklore tale from India that has been told many ways and incorporated into teachings of Jain, Hindu, Buddhism, and Sufi traditions. It is a tale of how, when we focus on … Continue reading

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22 April 2013 – Earth Day

1.5 the number of earth-like planets we need to sustain human activity with current population and lifestyle patterns. . 2  the number of earth-like planets we’ll need by 2020. . . 3  One in three  people alive today do not have … Continue reading

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bicycle race – queen

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my Bicycle races are coming your way So forget all your duties oh yeah! Bicycle bicycle bicycle I … Continue reading

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