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voices in my head – K’naan

Eh yo, welcome to my world, please listen HEY! Poison in my veins, inside I’m torturing my brains, And still I try, aiaiai Voices in my head, am I alive or am I dead, Alone I cry, aiaiaiai   Eh … Continue reading

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crisis – Freddie Hubbard

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walk the sky – bonobo

They walk in the sky So near and so high They’re stopping for none And when the day’s done They agree that the sea Is the best place to be Wondrously free They live happily They know from the past … Continue reading

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Fifth of children hear voices in their head

Just because a person hears voices does not necessarily mean they are ill. Many people hear voices  – research shows about ten percent of us between hear voices on a regular basis and even as many as 70% will do … Continue reading

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From psychiatric patient to human being: My journey in a nutshell.

A wonderfully open and frank piece by Flo Bellamy about her struggles and her encounter with psychiatric services that could only medicate her: so making her even more ill. Then how she and her family discovered the movie “The Doctor Who hears Voices” … Continue reading

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mental as anything – Melinda Burke

Today we’re pleased to publish a poem by a friend from Australia. . Mental as Anything by Melinda Burke. _____________________________________________________________ Now it isn’t easy, one’s elevator Doesn’t go all the way to the top floor; Others say we are “a … Continue reading

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Risk of death in road traffic accident 1,100 times greater than homicide by a stranger with psychosis

  It’s a truism that the media likes to make a splash of stories of people involving people with mental illness committing violent crimes: trumpeting how “these people” represent  a grave danger to society and fuelling often hysterical calls for … Continue reading

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do right – cabaret voltaire

I’m so jagged, I’m afraid. In this place where nothing’s safe. Someone elucidates. It’s late. Too late! We’re waiting. When? When? When? When? . . Hold my ears against the wall, Cannot hear a word at all. What you do … Continue reading

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mickey mouse and the goodbye man – grindhouse

We could hear someone rattling the locks I was lying there with just my brother Do you think that it might be the cops? I was a Mickey Mouse. He was a Big Bad Wolf!. “Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye … Continue reading

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CDCC 2013 – From Chaos To Calm: Reaching Youth

Chaos to Calm-Reaching Youth 2013 Child Development and Community Conference The 2013 Child Development & Community Conference (CDCC) is expected to address areas surrounding relationship building and attachments with children from birth through to adolescence.  This year’s conference will foster … Continue reading

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