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mental as anything – Melinda Burke

Today we’re pleased to publish a poem by a friend from Australia. . Mental as Anything by Melinda Burke. _____________________________________________________________ Now it isn’t easy, one’s elevator Doesn’t go all the way to the top floor; Others say we are “a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Mental Illness – from the inside – Elyn Saks

ceci ce n’est pas “un schizophrenic “ . . . Elyn Saks delivers a powerful and courageous TED talk. “So I’m a woman with chronic schizophrenia. I’ve spent hundreds of days in psychiatric hospitals. I might have ended up spending … Continue reading

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Waiting list for mental-health services is a major problem facing patients

Toronto Star Article Chantaie Allick Staff Reporter   Waiting list for mental-health services is a major problem facing patients Austin Williamson, 15, has attended 20 schools and been on waiting lists for counselling services most of his life. It is … Continue reading

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John Forbes Nash – A Brilliant Madness

Image via Wikipedia You may be more familiar with the hollywood movie “A Beautiful Mind” which inevitably romantices some parts of John Nashs story – notably the usefulness of antipsycotics in his recovery. This documentary for  PBS includes Nash’s own words. It tells … Continue reading

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Who better to guide the ‘walking wounded’ than someone who’s been there?

Drag our Leaf Icon above to your taskbar to bookmark TGAM in Internet Explorer 9. Show me how Please don’t show me this again Remind me later Part 4 in a series by Globe and Mail in last couple of … Continue reading

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There is a Fault in Reality

Excellent 30min movie about people who  hear voices. Features Jaqui Dillon, Peter Bullimore  and John Swift link… [snagfilm id=”f2511e70-c2b0-11e0-bf7a-0026bb61d036″] Now available on You Tube… -thanks Jacqui Dillon

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Writer Bruce Stutz tells the story of how he decided he was ready to unmedicate himself, and his  experience of discontinuing pychiatric medications. Stutz didn’t just stop – he researched how the meds he was taking were supposed to work, and  what changes … Continue reading

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do you hear what I hear?

Mel’s Story A short video, telling the story of how one man, Mel, lives with his voices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvWj3J_DnW8&feature=youtube_gdata

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