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Choose your language…

This is not offered as a piece about “right language” and “wrong language”. It is clearly about language but it is really about choice- and the many choices we make whenever we use language to describe another person. Especially, for … Continue reading

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you are not alone…

This post is, in part, a response to an excellent article in Asylum magazine in which Akiko Hart expresses some concerns about the nature of the discourse in “mental health”, and makes a call for less concern with being right … Continue reading

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what limits our freedom?

Now, I don’t know if this is something that she said or wrote, nor do I know if it simply Wes Cecil reporting his idea of her ideas or his idea of  the general idea of the group known as … Continue reading

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100 ways to support recovery

This is the 100th posting on recoverynetwork:toronto. so it seems an appropriate time to share this…. one hundred ways to support recovery … find link to pdf at bottom of this post rethink.org is the biggest membership-based mental health charity in … Continue reading

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Writer Bruce Stutz tells the story of how he decided he was ready to unmedicate himself, and his  experience of discontinuing pychiatric medications. Stutz didn’t just stop – he researched how the meds he was taking were supposed to work, and  what changes … Continue reading

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recovery – with attitude

Recovery is more about living than defining how we should live. It’s about being who we can be, about me living the life  I can live rather than the life you want me to live so that you can feel comfortable. It’s … Continue reading

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