Order of Canada for Pat Capponi recognizes advocacy for those living with mental illness

Pat Capponi had an extra birthday present yesterday – she was awarded the order of Canada yesterday in recognition of her tireless spirit and many years inspirational work advocating for and helping make change possible for the one-in-five [six million] Canadians who live with a diagnosis and others who are marginalised living in poverty. As she shared on her Facebook page:

“I am profoundly grateful to all those who’ve been a part of our decades long struggle. Without you, and without our supporters, those who listen and act on what they hear, it would be so much harder. With this award, I like to think we’ve been mainstreamed, and that’s not bad.”

Cheers to you Pat Capponi!

From Toronto Start Article by Catherine Porter,  1st July 2015

 Capponi’s Order of Canada recognizes advocacy for mentally ill

Psychiatric survivor determined to change the mental health system worked tirelessly to get better lives for fellow sufferers.

pat-capponi_jpg_size_xxlarge_letterboxVINCE TALOTTA / TORONTO STAR Order this photo

Pat Capponi is a psychiatric survivor who lived in poverty for years. Now she’s an outspoken advocate for those living in poverty and with mental illness. She has been awarded the Order of Canada.

Original at  http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/07/01/pat-capponis-order-of-canada-recognizes-advocacy-for-mentally-ill.html


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2 Responses to Order of Canada for Pat Capponi recognizes advocacy for those living with mental illness

  1. Loeen Lee says:

    Great news. I read one of her books. Her quote: If the Order of Canada was awarded for resilience and courage, Capponi would have won it decades ago.. I find this attitude much more inspirational than the “Mad Pride’ slogan currently adopted. I would like to see this movement emphasize the word courage over pride. Something I once disagreed with them about. Anyway, the best to her. And you, and all.


    • Hi Loreen
      Way I figure, resilience and courage are what all people who’ve been diagnosed must have in bucket loads.

      It’s easy to disagree about words – and “resilience” is a word I like and for sure tis a vogue word right now just as “pride” has been and likely will be again – after all a word is but a symbol, a token we use to represent an idea.

      Me, I like that this year Mad Pride is focussing on celebrating lives – and the resilience that it takes to live a life marked down by others – words and ideas I’m happy to go with.


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