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hearing voices

We are helping to build a Hearing Voices Network in Toronto. Hearing voices is a normal human experience. Research shows that 4 to 10% of people around the world experience hearing voices – that’s about 500,000 million people worldwide. As … Continue reading

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have your say…

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is conducting a mental health  survey investigating discrimination. Flex  your self-advocacy muscles Related Articles Black men opening up to combat mental health stigma ( It’s Crazy to Criminalize Homelessness (

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do you hear what I hear?

Mel’s Story A short video, telling the story of how one man, Mel, lives with his voices.

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what recovery means for me

This is my definition of recovery.  It’s different for everyone but I use this in my workshops and it has been used by a number of organizations across Canada.  Take it. Leave it. Adapt it to your authentic uniqueness. “Recovery … Continue reading

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the doctor who hears voices

film the doctor who hears voices click here to watch the documentary film the doctor who hears voices featuring Rufus May as he works with Dr Ruth, helping her learn how to live with the voices she hears.

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recovery – with attitude

Recovery is more about living than defining how we should live. It’s about being who we can be, about me living the life  I can live rather than the life you want me to live so that you can feel comfortable. It’s … Continue reading

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