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It’s OK to hear voices

To paraphrase… “Don’t you know? All the best people do.” Story on CBC The National Mon 7th Dec 2015, about the work of friends of recoverynetwork Toronto – Vancouver Hearing Voices Group. Top One Vancouver!     Advertisements

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Beyond madness: a modern approach to hearing voices

Not sure why the authors feel the need to label it “modern” since hearing voices its mostly about about really, really, really  old stuff like listening, which is as old as the hills, but this is a nice piece by … Continue reading

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Hearing voices does not mean you’re crazy, says activist

 Aw, shucks!  that particular activist would be me: in a piece published today in Toronto Star. The photo is of me in my favourite  spot at Alternative Grounds. A big thanks to reporter Valerie Hauch and photographer Steve Russell! Hearing … Continue reading

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how I tamed the voices in my head

If you hear voices it does not necessarily mean you are ill . But it can be a real pain in the ass and it might scare the crap out of you, or simply leave you feeling exausted and alone. About … Continue reading

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hearing voices

We are helping to build a Hearing Voices Network in Toronto. Hearing voices is a normal human experience. Research shows that 4 to 10% of people around the world experience hearing voices – that’s about 500,000 million people worldwide. As … Continue reading

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