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people everyday – Arrested Development

See I was resting at the park minding my own business as I kick up the treble tone on my radio tape player box, right just loud enough so folks could hear it’s hype, see ? Outta nowhere comes the … Continue reading

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things that make you go Hmmm – CC Music Factory

Things that make you go hmm Things that make you go hmm It’s the things that make you go hmm         I was at the crib, sittin’ by the fireplace Drinkin’ cocoa on the bear skin rug … Continue reading

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A Scotsman and his Jacuzzi

Tis a hot ‘n. Aye Tis that. Tis even hot in Scotland -which is almost as rare as a Scotsman winning at Wimbledon.  Here’s a canny hot Tip for dealing with the heat – Edinburgh style. This health and lifestyle … Continue reading

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Those things I decided not to give away – Nelson Mandela

In the video below William Jefferson Clinton talking at the  UN on Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday last week, telling of a few things he learned and that we might all learn from Nelson Mandela. Listen to all 12min, or go … Continue reading

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bullet – Rhymefest

Feauring: Citizen Cope Lyrics to Bullet : [Rhymefest] Straight outta highschool he didn’t know what to do Wanted to go to college but no money was nothin’ new Wanted to get away go see the world and do somethin’ new … Continue reading

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bullet and a target – Citizen Cope

But what you’ve done here Is put yourself between a bullet and a target And it won’t be long before You’re pulling yourself away Bullet and a Target -Citizen Cope Mr.Dali Lamas Another sister’s shootin’ heroin tomarrow Amputees in Freetown … Continue reading

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Cuckoo – On being sane in insane places. pt 4

“Around the same time that the Jack Nicholson character in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest was trying to get out of psychiatric hospital, a group of eight people were doing just the opposite.” So begins this excellent radio show … Continue reading

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Rosenhan – On Being Sane in Insane Places. pt 3

In this brief video David Rosenhan talks about the experiment, the experiences of the pseudo patients and observations on the environment inside psychiatric hospital – as warehouses for people whom society has given up on and lost sympathy for. Below the video is Rosenhan’s Paper published … Continue reading

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scorchio !!! – info on dealing with the heat

Ireland is ejoying a heatwave – balmy highs of 22C degrees! phew! as it says “WARM [for Ireland]” meanwhile here in Toronto, last night’s low was 26C. Today’s high is forcast for 34C  with a feels like of 45C and … Continue reading

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The Backlash – On Being Sane In Insane Places pt2

The response to David Rosenhan’s experiment [see part 1 here] from the  private members club the American Psychiatric Assciation was far from being a happy one. [see right] It was after all their game, their club and their ball and they’ll cry if they … Continue reading

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