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how I tamed the voices in my head

If you hear voices it does not necessarily mean you are ill . But it can be a real pain in the ass and it might scare the crap out of you, or simply leave you feeling exausted and alone. About … Continue reading

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labels are for clothing

Martina Navratilova. … “Labels are for filing.  Labels are for clothing.  Labels are not for people.”           thanks to  400daystil40 for this one.

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Dr David Healy – bad medicine

TVO The Agenda Steve Paikin Interview with Dr David Healy 12: 45min in  the final minute … “Anti- depressants are an enormously useful class of drugs ….. “ “the problem is these medicines come with risks – when you have a … Continue reading

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depressed over anti-depressants

TVO The Agenda  Aired: Mar 12 2012 Steve Paiken with… Dr David Healy University of Cardiff Dr Kwame McKenzie Senior Scientist and Psychiatrist, CAMH Roger McIntyre -Head of Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology at UHN Edward Shorter Prof. Histry of Medicine at … Continue reading

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Iian McGilchrist – The Divided Brain

Iian McGilchrist’s RSA talk The Divided Brain – how its not quite the way we used to think but the brain is profoundly divided and how we need to think of not being either left or right brain – but left … Continue reading

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Doc Zone – Age of Anxiety

CBC Doc Zone Documentary about “a society on edge”   Why are more people more anxious than ever before or is simply that we  have a new word for it and new drugs we can take instead of figuring out what’s … Continue reading

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 Globe and Mail Article: Mar 14 by Anne MacIlroy photo :Dr David Healey, Julie Wood, Peter Wood by Globe & Mail     extract….  “John David Wood, a student at the University of Toronto, became addicted to the medication and … Continue reading

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Brene Brown – Listening To Shame

Follow up to Brene Brown’s TEDxHuston talk The Power of Vulnerability in 2010       Brene Brown – The power of vulnerability   Related articles Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change: Brené Brown at TED2012 … Continue reading

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Pat Deegan – emancipatory technologies

Pat Deegan talking with students at MIT.  The measure of our technologies is the degree to which they allow people to free themselves I think the measure of our technologies is the degree to which they allow people to free … Continue reading

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Dr Gabor Mate – Our Compulsive Society

Dr Gabor Mate interview with Steve Paiken on TVO’s The Agenda Steve Paiken asks… What’s the cause of adiction? ” In medicine it’s a mistake to try to attribe things to just one cause, but if there is one single, major, … Continue reading

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