ads – a word about ’em…

We’re a free blog hosted for free on

That means you might see ads if you’re not a registered wordpress user.

You might see some you that you don’t like. You mights see some you think “shouldn’t” be there.

The ads are from wordpress and they help to pay for all the  millions of free blogs that wordpress hosts.



Nobody at recoverynetwork:toronto gets paid a red cent from any ads you see at our blog. In fact,  we actually don’t have any money – what you see is all for free, for fun, and for the love of it.

You can make the ads disappear on your screen by registering as a wordpress user – it’s easy. You just need an email address , a name and password. The email has to be a real one but you can use any name you like.

…and Registering with wordpress also lets you register as a contributor on recoverynetwork:toronto.

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