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Confabulation TO – Wed 7th Dec 2016

Join us at #ConfabTO Wed 7th Dec, 2016. 7:30pm Continue reading

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Have you ever been part of a family? Peter Senge

Have you ever seen, in a family, people producing consequences in the family – how people feel, how people feel act -that aren’t what anybody intended?
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Open letter from a mother in recovery

The thing we call “Mental Health” system so often clamps its iron jaws around us – disabling not just the person given the diagnosis but also their entire family. The effect can be devastating, and it often takes a decade or … Continue reading

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CDCC 2013 – From Chaos To Calm: Reaching Youth

Chaos to Calm-Reaching Youth 2013 Child Development and Community Conference The 2013 Child Development & Community Conference (CDCC) is expected to address areas surrounding relationship building and attachments with children from birth through to adolescence.  This year’s conference will foster … Continue reading

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The Importance of Friends

Article in Psychiatric Times by Karen Dineen Wagner about the importance of friends…. Includes commentary and description of two “scientific studies” that show that having friends is a good thing. Researchers concluded … “the presence of a  best friend… buffered … Continue reading

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