in this world no one can be different or strange or damaged – or they lock you up

“In this world no one can be different or strange or damaged, or they lock you up”
– Detective Inspector John River
River | BBC one
or they lock you up

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5 Responses to in this world no one can be different or strange or damaged – or they lock you up

  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Hi Kevin. I actually withdrew my subscription, in order to find some self-discipline, as I thought I was just ‘responding too much’. But I came here today, wondering what direction to take – your meetings with those who can ‘truly hear voices’ – a bit of irony here, directed towards all the people who really are unable to listen and hear -others- in any sense of that word, and/or to carry on with the dialogue -= or rather debates between Christian/Catholic and Atheist/Scientist.
    Or simply to ‘act my age’ and really retire and get back to ‘writing my book’ about ‘voices’ and ‘philosophy’ and pretty well, what you discuss in this post. In any case, I looked over the latest posts, and really see more a direction and thus may I say, an improvement in your focus. Just so you know I’m still with you. If anyone is interested in reading all about my voices, and incarceration etc. etc. please follow the link- I am absolutely ‘undaunted’ with any possibility for scapegoating, or being called crazy or anything else….so not to worry about the – consequences. All the best, you guys….Hope to see you all soon…. But I’m not …sure… Thanks.


  2. maieliiv says:

    Thank you Kevin – it’s taking forever but I am writing a book about consciousness – one of the chapters “Psychic in the Psychiatric Ward” or “Psychics 10 – Psychiatrists 0”. I was mocked and ridiculed by people I consider spiritual morons – I have their words in my medical records and I will publish my medical records. .


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