How new psychiatric diagnoses are established

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  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Hi Kevin. I’m ‘back’, because I just found this. I’ve had the theory for some time, so I’m a little ‘proud of myself’, at the moment. (This is just in case any of you are ‘hearing the voice of God’ – for instance. But also that ‘we’ are more ‘sensitive’ than some – could be a most favorable interpretation to this finding, perhaps. In any case – may the ‘voice be “with” you’!


    • Hi Loreen
      Yup, leraned about this a few years ago.

      GUess what- when my voices are loud I can feel it – put my hand around my larynx.

      There’s a lot of research that shows that parts of the body – and especially parts of the brain involved in processing language – are active when people are hearing voices.

      That voices are not real, that people are making it up, imagining it, whatever – its just myth.

      The voices are real.
      And people do hear them.

      And people who deny that -people who use their power to deny other people’s experience – are, really, just being a bit of a dick..


    • Loreen Lee says:

      Yeah! And there’s something more. Like these voices may be the ‘product’ of what they are calling ‘somatic or bodily mechanisms’ or something. But it does at least indicate to me, (what I was preaching) that ‘people who hear such voices’ have greater ‘direct?’ access to ‘subconscious’ processes? than others. And this is just what some post-moderns like Deleuze are advocating as what is necessary for humanity to develop. More consciousness of brain activity. So he even made ‘voice hearers’ the heroes in his book: Schizophrenia and Capitalism, or anti- Oedipus. It’s all about the eventual control that such knowledge would give one. We would, – to be biblical – be able to ‘see God face to face’!!! Like Moses!!!! In other words, we are a precedent, rather than some kind of ‘accident’!


    • Lots of people hear voices – at least 300,000,000 of us, right now.
      yes that’s the right number of zeros.
      Most people who are fine with their experience.
      Its just that we made it a taboo.

      Some people struggle with their experience. – so , because its a taboo that struggle is made all the more difficult- as usual, by operating from fear we make life harder for people who are already struggling.

      Most people who do struggle can relate their difficult experience with difficult life circumstances.
      -see John Read’s work – Bad shit happens and it fucks you up.

      Really, we don’t need spend any more on research to find out what fuck people up – we know perfectly well, and we’re really good at doing it
      Julian Jaymes in his book ” the Origin of Conciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” suggested that, once, all humans heard voices-

      Well, he got it the wrong way round…
      one day we all will.

      [most of us can already]

      One day we’ll be able to talk about it without getting treated like shit just because we do.


  2. Loreen Lee says:

    Perhaps this belongs more on yesterday’s post…But in any case, it is relevant!!!


  3. maieliiv says:



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