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hearing voices group, Toronto

We currently have one hearing voices group running in Toronto. We meet in the  evening, the third Thursday of each month. The group is open to anyone who hears voices, has visions or other experiences that others just don’t understand… … Continue reading

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hearing voices on the radio

CBC Toronto Metro Morning with Matt Galloway Wed Nov  2nd,  06.50am. Kevin Healey in the studio with Matt Galloway talking aboiut his own experience of learning to live with hearing voices and living well without medications. An introduction to the Psychosium: … Continue reading

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mental illness system ?

just a question… what is this thing: the mental health system? …and do we actually have one? A  society that treats every human fallibility as a deficiency, defect, or disorder that needs to be eradicated, cut out, drugged-away seems less about … Continue reading

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JK Rowling: the fringe benefits of failure

JK Rowling talking  to new Harvard graduates in 2008 on the two ideas she had for them: the importance of failure, and of imagination. …how she learned how each of these is more valuable than any qualification that she earned, and each is also … Continue reading

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healing medicine – jungle prescription

Dr Gabor Mate is not your typical doctor – more’s the pity, perhaps. He works with compassion and understanding helping us heal. Recently successful in gaining legal decision in Canada’s Highest court to continue operation of  Insight – Vancouver’s safe injection site, he … Continue reading

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madness radio live

Leadership Project and INTAR bring you a free event

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7 billion ways to be normal

Yesterday, Oct 31st 2011, the world human population reached 7,000,000,000 or seven billion. That’s seven billion ways to be human, seven billion different experiences of the world and seven billion expressions of what it means to be human – alive, right … Continue reading

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