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Why do we dream?

More on sleep and how we are beginning to understand what it’s about. This time dreams . From the BBC popular science show Horizon. There are many links with and references to mental wellness:  fear, anxiety, depression, trauma, talk therapy, creativity, problem solving, and the … Continue reading

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Gabriel – Lamb

From Manchester but sounding a like they spend more time in Bristol : Lamb with some food for the soul. After a break, they’re back playing together, here playing live in a radio studio in The Netherlands….. the sound quality on this live version … Continue reading

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Architecture of Mad

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Learning from the voices in my head – Eleanor Longdon

Eleanor Longdon at TEDx London in 2012 telling her story of going to university, eagerly entering the student life fine times, but underneath deeply unhappy but skilled at hiding it.  Then she began hearing a voice – ” my strange commentator” – and mistake … Continue reading

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mars project – Jonathan Balazs and Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart

Help support  an important  local movie project about mental health, labelling people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and the right to choose  own explanations of our experiences. ‘A decade ago rapper Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart was diagnosed with a psychological disorder, but … Continue reading

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born slippy

this live version is from Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands caution…contains some strobe effects Songwriters: KARL HYDE, RICHARD SMITH, DARREN PAUL EMERSON Drive boy dog boy Dirty numb angel boy In the doorway boy She was a lipstick boy She … Continue reading

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Brown Paper Bag – Roni Size and Reprazent

Bristol Drum and Bass  collective Roni Size and Reprazent in Toronto a few years ago: loopin’ the space-time continuum and really, really  messing with the TTC timetable… …and back in Brizzol recently with William Goodchild, The Bristol Ensemble orchestra and gospel choir: still packing … Continue reading

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Addicted to healthcare

Interesting perspective from Stanton Peele on what might be called the placebo effect of receiving attention from healthcare professionals. As, collectively, we loose faith in our own self to live well we turn to “professionals” to fix us, reassure ourselves … Continue reading

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A Tale of Mental Illness – from the inside – Elyn Saks

ceci ce n’est pas “un schizophrenic “ . . . Elyn Saks delivers a powerful and courageous TED talk. “So I’m a woman with chronic schizophrenia. I’ve spent hundreds of days in psychiatric hospitals. I might have ended up spending … Continue reading

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The gift of a free-spirited daughter

      The gift of a free-spirited daughter MARY D’EON The Globe and Mail Published Thursday, May. 24 2012, 1:24 PM EDT When people ask me what my 20-year-old daughter is currently doing, I tread carefully, weighing how much I … Continue reading

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